The concept of this tool is to have two main tools that is commonly used when working so that the user doesn’t have to carry around multiple tools. This tool can easily customized be the user depending on their tool preference.

Mod- tip
Is designed to be worn on the tip of your finger so while cutting the user has more control and is easier  for cutting details.

This tools purpose is to combine two main tools on either end of the tool so that it is easily to swap between an x-acto or a pencil or any other tool that the user commonly uses, its more of on the go tool for a quick use.

Is the main product of the collection it what holds all the most used tools on its magnetic surface to make the working process easier to all tools on your list ready too used and easily to swap out. it also has a small container to store your sd card. this tool is easily customizable depending on the users reference it can also add a compartment for apple watch users.

This tool attaches to your ruler so you could slip in your pencil and always have them together without having spend time looking for one another. Not only that, but also helps measure a perfect right angle.

The stamp is to slip on your favorite pen or pencil as its the standard size of 8mm diameter. it helps you create a check box while writing out your to do list.

This tool is a series of ways to sand your wooden or 3d objects in a more controlling way. its been modified in different ways so the user has many options to chose from. Such as materil wise or the way to place the sand paper either you screw in or simply sealing it by magnets.